C.Mead Jackson Herself

About PicC.Mead Jackson is a photographer. She loves life, lives it to the fullest and enjoys experiencing that life with others through her lens.

She grew up in the flat, green cornfields of Indiana, and wouldn’t trade her family-filled backyard adventures with a film camera for any other moment in the world.  Adrenaline, laughter and a ‘get up n go’ mentality define her everyday lifestyle, and are the constant in every project she takes on. Her determination to make every project an artistic endeavor worth sharing means that she doesn’t waste your time.  She gives you what you want through a stylized viewpoint that only her mind sees, and she likes it that way.

When asked what she enjoys to photography, she always responds with people. Each photograph she could ever take of someone means that any one viewer will have a perspective that no one else has had. After all, shouldn’t photographing a moment resurrect a memory later in life? And that is more important than anything else. Giving another human being the time to recollect on their own memories is a beautiful thing, and one that should be honored.

Come be apart of the adventure.

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