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Hey folks! You should be checking out my YouTube channel! I posted six, that’s right, SIX different videos today from the sessions I have been busy videoing with in Evanston, IL, with my partner in crime, Annette of Annette Kerstin Photography.

I’ve linked up one of the six videos here, but you should definitely be checking out all of them! They’re fun, great, full of energy and make women feel beautiful. Who can complain about that?

©2014, C.Mead Jackson Photography

Flat12 and James Hinchcliffe Team Up!

Flat12_002a Flat12_007a Flat12_019a Flat12_021a

Malone’s A Senior!

Conder002a Conder009a Conder012a Conder018a

Tyler Sarkis’ Ready to Be Famous Session

Sarkis002a Sarkis004a Sarkis007a Sarkis011a

Brockman Family Photo Session

Brockman002a Brockman005a Brockman006a Brockman014a Brockman018a Brockman025a

Flat12 Bierworks

FL12_001a FL12_003a FL12_005a FL12_011a FL12_021a